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CCDFC Spring Jr. Academy

Posted by Central Coast Dynasty FC at Apr 13, 2021 2:11PM PDT

CC Dynasty Futbol Club is hosting a Spring Jr. Academy on Fridays 5-6 pm at Barney Schwartz Park in Paso Robles.
The Academy hopes to find players that are looking for some development and possibly build teams for the future.
It is Free to attend.
Please bring the CCDFC Med Release Form to your first session and give to the Coaches.
The form can be found under Club Documents.

For Questions Contact the Coaches-
Justin Watty- 805-550-0039, Michael Valenzuela 805-391-0254

Club DOC- Miguel Figueroa 805-440-9450


CCDFC B08 Team is conducting Spring Team Tryouts.

Please see flyer and contact Coach Micheal Valenzuela of DOC Miguel Figueroa for Questions.
Make sure to bring your CCDFC Form to your first session.
Form can be found on the CLUB DOCUMENTS Tab titled CCDFC_MED_RELEASE_FORM.pdf

State Updates Guidance for Youth and Recreational Adult Sports

Football, Soccer, Baseball, Cheerleading, and other Outdoor Sport Competitions
May Resume with Modifications in Counties with Case Rates at
or Below 14 per 100,000

Currently 27 Counties Have a Case Rate at or Below 14 per 100,000

SACRAMENTO – The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) today released updated guidance for youth and recreational adult sports. The guidance applies to all organized youth and adult sports, including school and community-sponsored programs, and privately organized clubs and leagues. CDPH’s guidance is aimed at giving communities guidelines on how to safely remain physically active while reducing transmission in their communities. Under the updated guidance, outdoor high-contact and moderate-contact sport competitions may resume in the Red (Substantial) tier and the Purple (Widespread) tier, with modifications, including testing requirements for certain outdoor high contact sports.

“Youth sports are important to our children’s physical and mental health, and our public health approach has worked to balance those benefits against COVID-19 risks,” said Dr. Tomás Aragón, CDPH Director and State Public Health Officer. “With case rates and hospitalizations declining across California, we are allowing outdoor competition to resume, with modifications and steps to reduce risk, in counties where case rates are lower.”

Under the updated guidance, outdoor high-contact sports can be played in counties in the Purple or Red tier with a case rate at or below 14 per 100,000. Weekly testing will be required for football, rugby and water polo participants age 13 and over in counties with a case rate between 7 and 14 per 100,000. Weekly testing, either antigen or PCR, is required for all participants and coaches in these sports, with results made available within 24 hours of competition. Football, rugby and water polo are high-contact sports that are likely to be played unmasked, with close, face-to-face contact exceeding 15 minutes.

Outdoor moderate-contact sports, such as baseball, cheerleading and softball, can be played in these counties without the testing requirement.

Due to the nature and risk of transmission while participating in these sports, teams must provide information regarding risk to all parents/guardians of minors participating, and each parent shall sign an informed consent indicating their understanding and acknowledgement of the risks.

Any teams playing in a less restrictive sports tier are strongly encouraged to follow the steps outlined in the guidance to reduce risk of COVID-19 transmission. This includes wearing face coverings, practicing physical distancing, and appropriate hand hygiene and equipment sanitation.

Youth and adult sports include varied activities that have different levels of risk for transmission of COVID-19 depending on the physical contact between players. Outdoor activities that allow for consistent wearing of face coverings and physical distancing are lower risk than indoor activities that involve close contact between participants and high exertion that increases spread of exhaled particles.

For more information on examples of sports with different levels of contact and risk by tier view the updated guidance.

Local health officers may implement more stringent rules tailored to local conditions and should be consulted to confirm if there are any local stricter variations.

For more information and resources on what individuals can do to prevent the spread of COVID-19, visit


Jan 15, 2021 Update:

Everyone in Southern California is now dealing with the increased restrictions imposed by the spike in the number of COVID cases. For those of us who anxiously await the opportunity to take the field, the possibility that games will be delayed until March or April is disappointing. Despite the delay CSL remains committed to playing games as soon as possible knowing that everyone is anxious to get going. Once we see a pathway that will allow us all to return to play safely, a schedule will be made available to everyone. Hopefully, we shall see an improvement in the outlook in the coming weeks.

The league does plan on opening applications for the Fall 2021 season as usual in April. Clubs who have submitted payment for the 2020 season will be given a full credit for these fees if we do not have any games this Spring. If the upcoming season is shortened then a proration of fees will be made, and the unused portion credited to the 2021 fees. There will be no fee increase – (CSL is proud to be able to hold the fees for the 15th year in a row.)

At the recent town hall held by CalSouth, questions arose about the Southern California Developmental Soccer League (SCDSL) leaving CalSouth.

Coast Soccer League would like to address this development.

Coast Soccer League (CSL) has operated for almost 50 years and over that time frame it grew both organically and by merging with other local leagues. This benefitted all concerned as it led to easier scheduling, better field utilization and the great benefit of less travel for the newer teams. By having all the clubs playing under one circuit, Clubs could then grow by offering a more local playing experience for those teams just starting out – allowing them to branch out from only having just a few all-star travelling teams.

Youth soccer benefitted; and we saw the number of players, clubs and team grow exponentially.

With the arrival of US Club Soccer (a competing player registration organization to Cal South), came a period of disruption with new Leagues springing up almost every year, each claiming to be more special than the last. The result has been more travel, increased costs for families, and a stress on the demand for quality referees and fields.

Since the recent demise of the US Soccer’s Development Academy, the chief protagonists in the ongoing fracturing of youth soccer are now a few of the local Elite Club National League (ECNL) clubs which are also in turn administering the SCDSL. They recently announced they would be leaving CalSouth and in turn be sanctioned by US Club Soccer. This was cynically thrust on their members with no vote (in contravention of their Bylaws) by the leaders whose top teams do not even participate in the very league they are ostensibly managing. They are asking their C and D teams to leave the governing body (CalSouth) and forgo playing in State Cup, participating in ODP, California Regional League etc. causing a further fracturing of the marketplace as those teams will no longer have the chance to play CSL or Presidio Soccer League teams.

Not a tough choice for these clubs given the fact this does not impact their elite teams. However, for those SCDSL clubs who are not a part of the ECNL, their top teams are now forced to accept further limits on their playing options.

The presentation to the member clubs stated they were going to mirror some of the programs already now provided by CalSouth.

While we have reason to be skeptical that these promises will be upheld. One suggestion being presented is the idea of the league running “ID2” player identification camps. Such an event would serve as a recruiting bonanza for those clubs operating teams in the ECNL. The ODP program run by CalSouth identifies players for the ODP teams who play ODP teams from other States. Since the clubs who oversee the operation of the SCDSL do not have their top teams playing in the SCDSL, the “ID2” player identification camps would allow the top clubs to recruit players to their ECNL teams as the other participating clubs cannot play in ECNL given that it is a “closed circuit”.

In the ten years that the SCDSL has been in existence the league has never attempted to help with Referee Recruitment and Retention. The same is true for US Club. With the growth in the game this lack of commitment has placed a strain on the availability of referees. The only organizations that have consistently done so are CSL – and Calsouth. To think that the league will NOW do what is good for the game is a far reach.

CalSouth has also supported many successful efforts in getting local soccer fields developed. The SCDSL has shown a preference to drive revenue for a few select sites that appear to mostly benefit Surf SC.

SCDSL has also announced they would be running a “State Cup” – a misnomer since US Club does not sanction States but only individual leagues – truly this new event is at best a League Cup – but one that requires an increase in fees to $1100 a team! The SCDSL had the opportunity to emulate CSL during the last decade by offering matching services but chose not to. This new direction is not a sudden enlightenment, but a repackaging designed to drive a sharp increase of revenue for the founding few.

CSL will continue (with no fee increase) to provide its League, (with League Cup included at no extra charge) as a better gaming experience, with the use of CSL’s industry leading technology, a scheduling program with referee scheduling integration, proprietary app with mobile editing, push notifications, more dynamic and meaningful games, a reputation for treating clubs fairly with no league politics, team-based results and standings and a long history of consistent performance.

CSL believes that the soccer community is better served by working together and not by trying to further isolate from the surrounding clubs, teams, and players. We believe this change may offer CSL clubs the opportunity to grow their membership, by highlighting to teams the loss of choice and greater risks that this new development presents and we would welcome them to join your club this year.

At CSL we take pride in delivering a superior service for our members, and the enforced pause in the game created by the pandemic has heightened our commitment for 2021.

We look forward to getting back to the fields!

I am available to address any questions regarding this or any other League matters.


Bernard Towers

CSL President.


CC Dynasty FC will be conducting its board meeting for February of 2021.
Meeting will be conducted at Santa Maria Brew Co. in Atascadero on February 16th at Santa Maria Brew Co. in Atascadero.

Please feel free to email CCDFC President if you have any questions.

March 16- Board Meeting
Annual General Meeting & Annual Election- APRIL 20TH, 2021 – 7PM – Location TBA

Looking to get involved with the club – Contact our President